Gun scare at Anna High School

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ANNA -- An Anna High School student was chased down today after peers say they saw him with a gun at school.

Parents came to Anna High School all afternoon to bring their kids home.

Anna ISD officials say about a fourth of the students went home early after a gun scare.

Collin County Sheriff's officials say the school resource officer learned that a student was possibly armed on campus.

Some students say they saw the student with a gun today. When the officer confronted him, he ran away.

The officer apprehended the student outside the school and he did not have a gun.

The school was placed on lockdown.

Authorities later found a small caliber pistol in the path the student took when running away.

No one was injured.

"Everything has gone very well. The kids were locked down quickly. There wasn't any kind of danger reported to us. They've been great with understanding and working with us," said Anna ISD Superintendent Joe Wardell.

The Anna High School principal sent home a letter with students to parents saying the lockdown was a precaution.

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