Sherman Doctor Arrested - Accused of Sex Crimes

4-17-04 - A prominent Sherman citizen surrendered Friday night to a warrant for sex crimes with children. Doctor Ronald Wood has practiced medicine in Sherman for thirteen years, and is described fy friends as a loving dad and excellent doctor.

He was processed throug the Grayson County jail after a month long investigation by local authorities. They allege Woods took videos of young girls - videos sources close to the investigation call obscene. The official charge is sexual performance by a child and obscenity.

But Woods' attorney, Bob Jarvis, calls the entire event a big misunderstanding. Jarvis said "Reality is you have a couple of kids who want their picture taken and they are videotaped by their Dad and someone is blowing it out of porportion." Jarvis claims there is no sexual contact our touching on the tapes and it was not videotaped with a sexual intent.

Woods is a father of six who's practiced medicine for 13 years in Sherman. He has no prior arrests and bonded out Friday nigjht.