Lake Texoma ready for big holiday weekend

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The rains last week have caused the water levels on Lake Texoma to increase. That is good news to those heading out for the holiday weekend.

State park officials expect large crowds to get out and enjoy the good boating and fishing.

Because of last year's drought, army corps of engineer officials dropped the normal water level on Lake Texoma from 620 feet to 618.

Thanks to Mother Nature, those levels are up again and just in time.

Mara Brannon lives in McKinney and used to take her boat out to Lake Ray Roberts. But bad conditions forced her and her husband up north to Lake Texoma, and she is pleased to see the lake in its current condition.

"It’s great to see the lake this and it just offers all around better conditions."

And so are state park officials.

"Fishing is great right now."

Since the end of last week the water level has risen 3 linear feet, which is different from last year.

Right now the water is one linear foot above the normal, and Paul Kisel says that his crew has had to move back his courtesy dock twice, but as long as people are having fun they don’t mind doing the work.

But having fun could be dangerous.

"The one thing about this is that we get complacent when we have a high water event."

Kisel warns that even though the levels are high, there are still hazards. Always keep an eye on logs that might be floating in the water.

But high waters do take the stress out of enjoying a weekend out on the lake.

"Fishing is great so come out here and have fun."

Kisel says with improved fishing conditions, he expects to see a lot of people out there over Easter. He recommends people get out there early and, of course, be safe.

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