Questions emerge about Wilson’s water

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CARTER COUNTY -- Some Wilson residents want questions about their water cleared up.

They say routine water tests were not conducted, and they want to know why.

When Wilson residents received a letter from city hall saying their water had not been tested during the last two months of 2006, many of them worried about contamination.

City officials say the water was not tested for bacteriological contaminants in November and December because the wastewater superintendent suddenly quit.

Whenever a city fails to conduct testing for contaminants, by state law they are required to inform their customers.

Wilson officials say they sent out a letter explaining that the water was not tested because the city did not have a properly licensed operator.

It was not until the beginning of March that the city hired John Mequilliam as wastewater superintendent.

But they say Mequilliam tested the water in January and February before he was even hired.

He says the water is safe, and residents shouldn't worry.

"The water is fine. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the water for the tests of January, February, and March of '07. All tests came back completely fine."

If any sort of contamination had been found, the city would have been put on a boil order, but city leaders say if residents have any questions or concerns about what flows from their tap, just call city hall at 580 668-2949 .

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