Asphalt plant opposition speaks out

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POTTSBORO -- Local residents opposed to the Rushing Paving asphalt plant are trying to stop that plant from operating.

The group ‘Concerned Citizens of Grayson County' says although the plant is under construction, they will continue to fight to keep it from opening for business.

Last month the Texas Commission on Envioronmental Quality approved the standard permit application from Rushing Paving to construct an asphalt plant on FM 120.

This week an appeal has been filed by concerned residents who want to keep the plant from becoming operational.

The group ‘Concerned Citizens of Grayson County,’ and their attorney, Renea Hicks, filed a motion with the TCEQ asking to overturn or reconsider the issuance of the permit.

Since that permit was approved, Rushing Paving has started construction on the asphalt plant next to their offices on FM 120.

Officials with the opposition group say their main concerns are the potential hazardous emissions and increased truck traffic on 120.

They say they hope this appeal will help them keep the plant from opening.

"There’s been many attorneys already contacted and hired to fight this through the legal process, but the first step that we have to make is filing an appeal with the TCEQ. We think that they should reconsider the permit," said Jim Hall of ‘Concerned Citizens of Grayson County’.

We attempted, again, to contact Rushing Paving for their side of the story, but they would not comment at this time.

One official we spoke to did say that he does not yet know when the plant will become operational.

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