Woman Saved From Burning Car

04-20-04 - A Collinsville woman is lucky to be alive after she was pulled from her car by a neighbor after it burst into flames.
It happened off highway 56 in Southmayd. Authorities say 33 year old Pattie Sue Attawey may have fallen asleep at the wheel around 2-30 this morning. Her car hit a tree then went air borne landing in a neighbor’s backyard and catching on fire. Jarrett Jobe was asleep in his near by home where his wife saw the flames and woke him up. Jobe got to the car just in time. When he got out there he opened the backdoor and pulled Attawey out. Moments later the car was filled with flames. Pattie Attawey is in good condition at Wilson N Jones with minor burns to her right arm, but happy to be a live thanks to Jobe.