Star Witness Cross Examined

04-21-04 - (McAlester-AP) - The star prosecution witness in the Terry
Nichols murder trial is under cross-examination by defense
attorneys today.
Michael Fortier says he never spoke to Nichols about the plan to
bomb the Oklahoma City federal building. He also says he didn't
talk with Nichols about anti-government views or the government
siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.
Prosecutors say the bombing was a twisted plan to avenge the
deaths of about 80 Branch Davidians at the end of the siege.
Fortier testified under questioning by prosecutors yesterday
that bomber Timothy McVeigh told him Nichols was deeply involved in
the bomb plot.
He says McVeigh said Nichols robbed an Arkansas gun dealer to
finance the bombing and that McVeigh and Nichols stole detonation
cord from a Kansas rock quarry.