Former NFL Player Killed in Afghanistan

04-23-04 - U.S. officials confirmed today that former NFL player Pat Tillman was killed in a gunfight in Afghanistan. Tillman played four seasons with the Arizona Cardinals before turning down a major contract to join the Army Rangers.
One of Pat Tillman's former teammates says you often hear analogies to war on the football field -- but that they ring hollow today.
Team official Michael Bidwell says Tillman reminds everyone what
overused terms like "bravery and courage" really mean. He calls
Tillman a hero who had the courage to give up a pro career and
fight for his country.
Bidwell says the news this morning of Tillman's death was a
"kick to the gut."
Tillman played four years as a Cardinal defensive back, setting
a franchise record for tackles in 2000. Two years later, he turned
down a three-point-six (m) million dollar contract offer and
instead enlisted in the Army.