Alcohol sting finds alarming results in Durant

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DURANT -- An initiative designed to keep teens from buying alcohol is now costing local businesses.

Authorities have named it ‘Project Safe 21’, and many stores aren't making the grade.

Twelve out of twenty-seven convenience stores , grocery stores, restaurants and bars in Durant received an ‘F’ for Project Safe 21.

Last Thursday, the police used seven volunteers under the age of 21 to try to buy alcohol at area businesses, and twelve separate times those teens walked out beer in hand.

The police department says these stings happen often and warn businesses to check ID's on a regular basis or they will pay the fine.

Lieutenant Johnny Rutherford with the Durant Police Department says this should be a lesson not only to parents but the community as well.

"We’re just trying to do everything we can do to prevent it and head it off before it ever gets started down that road. Hopefully this will be an eye-opener to some parents that we need to do this regularly to keep the stores in compliance."

All the clerks involved were given tickets and are expected in court.

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