Controversy at Pottsboro kennel

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POTTSBORO -- A dog debate is swirling in Pottsboro after an out-of-state buyer bought a dog from area kennel.

Shortly after she brought him home the puppy started to get sick. Ryan Loyd explains why the buyer says the kennel is to blame.

Diana Montgomery breeds puppies in Pottsboro. She says her love for great danes and toy cocker spaniels led her to start a business of bringing up what she calls a couple of misunderstood breeds.

But recently, Montgomery’s business has caught criticism from several buyers like Melissa Miller from Louisiana who claim their dogs came down with parvo and died soon after purchasing from Montgomery.

Parvo is a potentially deadly disease, especially to young dogs.

Now miller wants Montgomery to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills.

"She sold a dog to a family that she knew was sick...and it makes me sick."

"We’ve never had parvo on our property."

Miller says Montgomery offered her a contract with a 100 percent health guarantee.

And now, after paying for medicine and failed attempts to save her dog, that guarantee has turned into a gamble to get her money back.

"I want her kennel to be shut down; I found posts on websites of another case similar to this…"

According to the law, violations of any contract concerning dogs have to be settled in small claims court.

And in cases like this, it's the old saying -- buyer beware.

"Buyer always beware when purchasing an animal... that's why contracts are brought up."

Montgomery showed us around her kennel and insists she operates fairly.

And she says her family of dogs is happy and healthy.

Miller says she plans to take the case to small claims court in about a week. She says she just wants what's owed to her.

Miller says another buyer is facing a similar situation and also plans on filing a small claims case against Montgomery.

It will be up to the courts to decide if Miller and other dog buyers will get their money back.

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