Prosecution Nearly Done in Nichols Murder Trial

(McAlester-AP) -- An FBI agent says plastic found at the Oklahoma City bombing site is chemically similar to plastic barrels found in the home of bombing conspirator Terry Nichols.

Agent Richard Buechele is testifying Monday in Nichols' murder trial in McAlester.

Prosecutors say the bomb used to destroy the Oklahoma City
federal building was fertilizer soaked in fuel-oil and held in 55 gallon plastic barrels. They say the barrels found at Nichols' home in Kansas links him to the bombing.

Today marks the start of the sixth week of testimony in the trial and is to be the final full week of prosecution testimony. Prosecutors expect to finish their case next Monday or Tuesday and the defense is to begin its case next Thursday.

Nichols is charged with 161 state counts of first-degree murder
and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.