7-year-old raises money for cancer research

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HEALDTON, OK--While other elementary students are playing during recess, one little boy is raising money.

The bond between 7-year-old Kameron Howell and his Nana has always been a special one.

"We've really been close ever since he was born, when she first had him I called him my "bug a boo" so he's always been my bug," Teresa Ridenour, said.

"They can be inseparable. He loves being able to go over there especially without the rest of the kids, his brothers and sisters, just to be able to spend time with nana," Shannon Howell, said.

In May of 2011 Kameron's Grandma Teresa Ridenour was diagnosed with 2 different types of breast cancer.

"It was hard at first because we actually have a friend that passed away at 31 from cancer so he kinda seen that part of it so he didn't understand at first because it was during the same time as my mom getting diagnosed, he thought you know, you get diagnosed with cancer, nana isn't gonna be here no more," Howell, said.

Kameron's mom says he was determined to help.

"He came home all excited one day, he had a little flyer of everything you get to do, he said mom look you get to raise money for relay and its goes to the cancer people."

At Healdton Elementary, Kameron helped organize "Relay Recess" - which benefits the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life.

"He said I want to do at least $1,000, im going to make it," Howell, said.

In just two months, he did.


"He told me all this was for his nana and people like his nana. He's an exceptional child and I love him to death," Howell, said.

Last week, Ridenour and others fighting cancer gathered in the Healdton high school auditorium to watch the 7-year-old receive the Relay Recess award for top fundraiser.

"It was very sweet of him and I appreciate it very much. I love him to death," Ridenour, said.

While she's not currently seeking treatment for her cancer, she says she's instead, leaving it in the hands of God.

Now that school is out for the summer, Kameron says he plans to form a Relay for Life team and continue to help people who have cancer like his nana.

"Tell me how important your nana here is to you?"

"A million times more than that camera right there," Kameron Howell, said.

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