Denison copes with tragedy

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DENISON -- The search for Denison High School student Sean Fryar came to an end Thursday morning after his body was found in Waterloo Lake.

Fryar, who was 17, had been missing since Sunday morning and had not been seen or heard from since.

For the past five days, family and friends had been praying for the safe return of Sean Fryar.

Terry Fitch and his friend were out on Waterloo Lake fishing like they normally on Thursday morning.

"We had been all over the water and we accidentally came back by and we were just fixing to go around the bend and fish when we thought we saw a log and when we came back around I said, ‘That’s a ball cap, man’ and we turned to go back and there he was," Fitch said.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene to retrieve the body out of the lake where shortly thereafter he was pronounced dead.

Investigators confirmed the body as that of Denison High School student Sean Fryar.

While the mystery of Sean’s disappearance is over, there are still more questions that need answers.

News of the recovery spread quickly, as family and friends came to shores of the lake to find out the bad news.

Lt. Mike Eppler of the Denison Police Department says it is always hard to break that kind of bad news to the family.

"It’s very difficult to do something like that. There’s no good way to do it; it’s just a terrible, sad situation.

"They seem to cope better when they bond...when they grieve together."

Denison ISD superintendent Henry Scott says the district has counselors on hand to help students deal with a loss that has touched everyone at the school.

Police say the preliminary results of the autopsy should be known in two to three weeks.

Funeral arrangements for Sean have been set for next week.

Funeral services for Sean Fryar

Tuesday, 10 a.m.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church


Burial will follow at Cedar Lawn Memorial Park. has also posted this story at for those who wish to share their thoughts, prayers, and memories of Sean Fryar.

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