Mashore's says goodbye in Wilson

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WILSON, Okla. -- Mashore's Clothing retail has been outfitting locals for the past four decades. Now they are saying goodbye to the community they've spent forty years serving.

At one point, Jerry and Reba Mashore had four store locations. Now those that knew the Mashores say they will miss what the couple did for the community.

In August of 1968, Jerry and Reba Mashore's dream became a reality.

Armed with a $1,000 loan from Jerry's father-in-law, the couple started out selling women's apparel.

Soon after their business took off, and they never looked back

"My wife’s outgoing personality and everything… people just loved for her to wait on them...the business mushroomed over the years, " Jerry said.

As their apparel line grew so did their business, expanding to include four other outlets.

Those who knew the Mashores say they had an impact on the entire community for nearly half a century.

An impact they say won't soon be forgotten.

Jerry and Reba haven’t taken a vacation in three years. Once they sell off their remaining merchandise they plan to take that long needed 'r & r'.

The couple plans to stay in the Wilson area.

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