Threatening note found at Pottsboro High School

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POTTSBORO -- Law enforcement officials and school district administration were on alert Friday after they found a threatening note at the high school.

Classes went on as scheduled, and nothing happened.

But officials didn't want to take any chances given the events at Virginia Tech this week.

Officials here in Pottsboro say the safety of the students is their number one priority.

That's why any possible threat on their safety, including this one, should never be taken lightly.

A couple of days ago, Pottsboro school officials found a crumbled piece of paper on the floor in the Pottsboro High School commons. The note insinuated possible school violence on the campuses of Pottsboro ISD.

After evaluating the level of the threat to schools, authorities were on alert all day in case of any attack.

Pottsboro Police Chief Brett Arterburn says officers from each agency were assigned to the different campuses throughout the day.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened, and everything went as planned including the TAKS tests.

But officials wanted to make sure nothing slipped by them.

"We're always along with the school district trying to tighten security at the schools just like every other department and improve anything we have," said Arterburn.

Pottsboro police are working with the Texas Rangers in identifying a person of interest

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