Local ties to NASA shooting

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Officials in Houston are investigating a fatal shooting at a NASA building this afternoon. One local man says he worked with the victim in the building where the shooting took place. Jeff Cotner says he's saddened by today's events. He says the shooting brings to light his concerns about security at NASA.

He hopes this incident makes NASA re-evaluate their security, so tragedies like this one can be avoided in the future.

The NASA shooting hit close to home for like Jeff Cotner. He worked as a subcontractor in Building 44 where David Beverly, a fellow contractor, was shot and killed. Fran Crenshaw was taken hostage before the the shooter, William Phillips, turned the gun on himself.

“It’s a tight-knit community at the Space Center,” Cotner said. “So it’s shocking whenever you hear of something like this happening.”

NASA officials say they will now investigate their own security measures. Currently employees flash an ID badge to a security guard as they drive onto the campus.

Mission Control is protected with another badge, but areas like Building 44 aren't as easily protected.

“The building I worked in, Building 44, is a lot like an office building. Anyone can walk in the front door. The rest of the center is like a college campus."

Cotner says his heart goes out to those involved in the shootings and hopes the NASA family can pulls together and learn from this tragedy.
Authorities say the gunman, William Phillips, worked in another building.
Right now they do not know what motivated him to commit this crime and take his life.

They are continuing their investigation.

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