Texas Rangers Help Local Family

A Denison family finally has a home to call their own thanks to habitat for humanity and the Texas Rangers Baseball Club.

The two joined forces to build several homes for families in North Texas. On Saturday it was the end to a lot of work to make one family's dream come true.

Its a sight we go accustomed to seeing in the spring, the Texas Rangers hitting homeruns. But what about the sounds of them hammering houses. This past fall, Mark Texeira, Ian Kinsler and other rangers traded their bats for hammers. All to help Habitat for Humanity build homes for families in need.

Ian Kinsler says, "Tex went with a little shorter stroke a little more efficient. I hit the nails a little harder and miss them sometimes, but my nails got in faster."

One of the homes they worked on was for the hall family in Denison. A family which has spent the last six months living in the Sunday school room of a church in Whitesboro.

Richard Hall says, "We are excited and we are blessed and looking forward to the opportunity to bring a blessing to this community."

Richard Hall and the rest of his family were on hand for the dedication of their home on Travis Street in Denison.

It is the fourteenth home that the Grayson County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity has erected. It took a while for the home to travel Arlington to Denison. But officials say the wait will be worth while for the new tenants.

"This allows these folks to have a warm home during the winter and cool home during the summer and it allows them to function like any other family wants to function."

The Halls moved into their home the first of this month. Officials with Habitat for Humanity say they will finally be able to work towards owning the home.

"Its not a gift, its a interest free loan so we aren't just builders of homes we act like a mortgage company as well."

Hall says he will continue to work with habitat to build new homes in Grayson County, but has special feelings towards the boys of summer that play in Arlington.

"I would have to say there will always be a special part in my heart for the rangers because anyone that would give back is good in my book."

Habitat for Humanity is currently working on another home in Sherman, which should be completed by June 30th.

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