Keeping Ardmore Beautiful

Keeping their beloved city clean. Ardmore had its 11th Earth Day Expo their motto: learning about the environment

Several turned out today in downtown Ardmore to attend the expo.

"Were looking at creating an awareness about the earth about enjoying spring creating an interest in gardening."

So what’s in your garden? Too many perennials cluttering up your flower bed? The expo had a plant swap which attracted those with the green thumb. But why?

"Because its free. Its free its sharing with one another and free!"

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Most citizens probably don’t realize the value of their rubbish are to local businesses.

"Newspapers we have several places in our community that we can recycle those. Atlas roofing has been a great partner, they go into making new roofing material."

Broken computers, TV's, even certain types of paint have a place here. Energy Recovery does something very unique with their tires.

"They will extract it back to its original raw material one of which is petroleum."

Old rubber has new value. "Every part of the tires your looking at in this trailer can be reclaimed and it is economically feasible, down to metal in the tire."

The next step for the Ardmore beautification Council is to start a curb side recycling program.

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