Regatta at Lake Texoma

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The beautiful weather was perfect for this weekend’s Lakefest Regatta as sailors from around the country came to Lake Texoma to show their skills out on the water.

Sunday was the final day of competition and awards were handed out to the winners, but coming in first second or third place isn't the goal of the very popular event It’s all about helping children.

Starting Thursday, Grandpappy Point on Lake Texoma became the home to the 21st annual Lakefest Regatta and boats could be seen as far as the eyes can see.
"All these people come back year after year and its our 21st year of doing this and it just keeps getting better," said Chuck Flanagan, a member of the Texoma Sailing Club.

Including Barney Terrell who lives in East Texas, but has been coming to the race for the past 11 years.

"Well Texoma is probably one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas its a big lake so regattas are always fun," said Terrell.

He has won first place eight years, but this year things didn't go as he had hoped.

"This is the first major breakdown where we had a little accident with another boat, his tiller broke and he rounded up into us," said Terrell.

Things weren't all that bad; Terrell and his son took home second place in their class and they were one of 41 boats in the competition dealing with a brand new course.

"We put a race course out there that most of these sailors had never seen before, getting used to the race course so it was a challenge on the first race," said Flanagan.

And high winds presented challenges throughout the rest of the races.

"This is the type of regatta that sailors love, you want wind cause wind moves the boat, it makes it a lot more challenging which is why they come," said Flanagan.

Organizers say the event showcases the talents of racers, but it also raises money for children’s charities in Grayson County, which is why none of them mind putting in the hard work to make this event possible.

"We just love doing this, it’s a lot of work and about two to three weeks before the regatta actually starts, that’s when it kicks in," said Flanagan.

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