1-180th Update from Afghanistan

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AFGHANISTAN -- Members of the 1-180th National Guard unit are counting down the days until they're due to come home.

It's been 14 months since they were first deployed to provide security in the region.

Our own photojournalist, Todd Larkin, is with them and tells us how anxious the soldiers are to get back home.

After 14 months the 1-180th will be making their long awaited return back home starting the beginning of May. Over 400 soldiers will start their long journey back home within weeks and the guys can't wait to get home and enjoy the life they have been away from for the last year.

The 180th has spent almost a year in Afghanistan and away from their family and friends and all the things we take for granted back in the states. From food to movies the Soldiers have made laundry lists of things they want to do when they get home. The next year will be a year full of lost time and the chance to make up for every minute lost.

There are rumors flying around about the future of the 45th Oklahoma Army National Guard and an upcoming Iraq deployment. But these soldiers are finishing their task here in Afghanistan, and keeping their deployment future in the back of their head and worry about what is coming up in the near future, their return home.

The 1-180th plans on having everyone back home and in their families arms by mid June. Some soldiers will be attending leadership schools but will be back on U.S. soil within the next month. There is also a large welcome home ceremony in the works for the 1-180th, check KXII.com for updates on that event.

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