Early delivery

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SHERMAN -- A Sherman family is recovering tonight after welcoming their brand new baby into the world, with a little help from Sherman Emergency Management Technicians.

Paramedics received the call about a woman in active labor, and a short time later everyone was safe and sound at Wilson N. Jones Hospital- but not without a twist to the story.

Responding to calls for help from women in labor isn't all that unusual, but for these paramedics a normal call turned into an event they will never forget.

"Nine out of ten calls we get are not good calls. They're usually hurt and need assistance with something. It's not very often we can go on a call like this and it turns out good," said ambulance driver Mark Bently.

John Bundschuh and Mark Bently began their day by checking their equipment, preparing for their day.

That’s when they got the call about a woman about to give birth.

"Anytime you get that call that a female is in labor you know you will have two patients, the mother and the baby."

Both men responded to the home at 721 North Harrison in Sherman just before eight o’clock.

When they arrived, they said mom had already given birth to a baby boy.

They say they were surprised, but their training kicked in, making sure both the baby and mom were safe.

"I took care of the baby, we clamped and cut the cord got the baby, dried it, cleared his airwaves with suction, stimulated him to breathe and moved him immediately to the ambulance."

They raced both patients to the emergency room at Wilson N. Jones hospital, where they are both safe and sound.

But it was an ordeal that they won't soon forget, especially since it was the first delivery for both Bundschuh and Bently.

"This was my first time to ever be involved in something like this and it’s kind of unique for me so I wouldn't call it a routine call cause we don’t deliver babies everyday."

"It’s great; it’s a miracle, a blessing."

The family is recuperating tonight, and hospital officials say both mom and new baby boy will be just fine.

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