Commissioners organize support of municipal districts

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SHERMAN -- County commissioners are one step closer to fully supporting municipal utility districts in Grayson County.

They say these districts could properly meet some of the growth demands in the county.

The commissioners court discussion centered on taking the proper steps in organizing their support of the municipal utility districts.

They say they want the formation of these districts to set an example for the rest of the state.

On Monday morning, Grayson County commissioners approved the use of county funds to pay for an outside attorney in negotiating these municipal utility districts.

Right now, eleven districts are on the table.

In Gunter and Howe, the districts would include up to 30,000 homes and would be part of a taxing entity that provides services like wastewater, street lighting, and irrigation.

The court wants the support of developers and school districts as well before telling Texas lawmakers to support bills to create the districts.

"We’re pretty excited. I think if we can get it all together between now and then, we're just about there. And that's a good thing." said Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum.

The commissioners’ court plans to hold a special meeting Tuesday afternoon to officially sign a resolution supporting the districts.

State lawmakers are also discussing the districts in Austin.

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