Fighting in Fallujah-Marines Pull Back

04-29-04 - (Fallujah, Iraq-AP) -- A U-S Marine commander says a deal has been reached for all Marines to pull back from Fallujah. That would
end the siege of the volatile Iraqi city.
Lieutenant Colonel Brennan Byrne says an all-Iraqi security
force is going to move into the city starting tomorrow. It will be
called the Fallujah Protective Army and will be made up of as many
as eleven hundred Iraqi soldiers.
Byrne says the new army will be led by a former general from the
military of Saddam Hussein.
An agreement was reached earlier between U-S officials and
Iraqis in an effort to restore stability to the city, which has
been the scene of intense Marine battles with insurgents.
The Marines will pull back from their positions in and around
Fallujah, while the Iraqi forces form a new cordon around it before
moving into the city.