Refinery fire may spark gas price jump

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Consumers could be feeling the heat of the Wynnewood refinery blaze.

Firefighters finally extinguished the fire Sunday night, but now you may be paying for it at the pump.

The refinery produces 33,000 barrels of gas a day, and now that production has stopped, consumers are left to take the heat.

You could see the plume of smoke as far away as Dallas, and now that the refinery fire is out, it may have a Texas-sized effect on consumer's wallets.

"I hate filling up."

"It’s a ridiculous amount of money you have to pay to get from point A to point B."

The Gary Williams Refinery produces a tiny fraction of the nation's oil. Yet on Monday, gas prices took a dramatic hike.

"It was 2.79, jumped six cents in one day."

The refinery is not back to producing yet. Unfortunately, crews can't just flip a switch and bring it back up to speed. It may be days until the site is fully operational.

The company is still supplying gas to local distributors and the Magellan Pipeline and hope they have enough in reserves to keep that up.

"I guess we'll have to live with it around 3 dollars a gallon."

That may be right. Gas station owners say distributors tell them they should expect gas to reach the three dollar mark by the end of the week, and you can blame that on the law of supply and demand.

Officials with the Mid Continent Oil and Gas Association of Oklahoma say the Gary Williams Refinery is only one of five in the area to take a hit recently. Portions of the Conoco Phillips refinery in Sweeney, Texas, were shut down all day Saturday due to power outages.

While the chain of events is frustrating, it doesn't seem to be stopping drivers from hitting the road.

The news only gets worse. Oil and gas officials say companies slow production in the spring to give their refineries a break, so that should push the price of gas even higher.

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