City Buildings Battling Age

05-01-04 - Bonham firefighters say they've outgrown their old firehouse. They are battling faulty wiring and a crowded ambulance bay, not to mention a building with no central heat or air. Now, city officials are considering a bond issue to help pay for the improvements.

Firefighters and city officials say its more than a beautification issue. Bonham has been operating out of some of their buildings for more than 50 years.

Sunday, city officials toured the Fire Department and City Hall trying to determine how much money is needed to replace the old buildings.

A bond is not yet on the ballots, but firefighters say a new department could be located in the north part of the city, which would reduce response time and decrease insurance rates for homeowners and business owners.

The committee will meet again later this month to discuss getting the city bond issue on the ballots.