Cold Case - Justice Slow for Paris Mom

5-3-04 - The murder of a Paris woman remains unsolved more than two years after the crime. But police say they do have suspects in the murder of Billie Anne Nelson.

The mother of three was murdered on May 2, 2002 – beaten to death and dumped along a walking trail. A native of Lamar County, her neighbors and family were shocked when they heard the news. The energetic and outgoing woman was the last person they thought would suffer such a violent crime.

Police recovered some evidence at the crime scene, including DNA from Nelson's body and from her clothes. Police suspect that DNA might not be hers. But it's taken more than two years to get those results – something police blame on a lab that was backed up with work.

This murder case is one of only a handful of unsolved murders in the city. Police say there are suspects but won't elaborate. If you can provide any information about this crime, call the Paris PD at 903-784-6688.