Buckle up or pay up

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If you don't wear your seat belt, be warned highway patrol troopers across Texoma are looking for you.

As part of the ‘Click It Or Ticket’ campaign, troopers are stepping up patrols to make sure you're wearing your seat belt.

The campaign runs from May 21 to June 3.

Officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety say they have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to driving without a seat belt. They say about 90 percent of Texas drivers use their seat belts, but they want to make that 100 percent.

Lonny Haschel, public information officer, says, "The majority of the collisions are in a very short radius, around your house, to the grocery store or the retail shop, well that’s where you need to buckle up."

If you get caught driving without a seat belt, DPS officials say you could face up to a $200 fine.

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