The race for mayor

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SHERMAN -- Election Day is Saturday, and voters in Sherman have a big decision to make- who will be their next mayor. Current mayor Bill Magers and city councilman John Markl are locked up in what some could be the closest race in the city’s history.

They tell us what they want to accomplish if elected.

One candidate has been involved in Sherman city government for ten years. The other grew up in Sherman, and wants to continue to lead the city through a period of growth.

While they may differ on how the city should be run, they both agree harnessing Sherman’s economic growth is key.

Since March the names ‘Markl’ and ‘Magers’ have been on the minds of the residents of Sherman.

One has been trying to stay in office; the other hoping to --in his words-- get the city back on track.

Bill Magers was elected mayor back in 2005 and believes that over the last two years the plan he initially put in place has worked, but Magers wants to continue to work on it through another two years.

Magers says Sherman will face three important issues in the near future: water conservation, property taxes, and controlling economic development.

He says he’s qualified to lead Sherman through these key issues.

John Markl has been on the Sherman City Council for nine of the last ten years, most which he says have been great.

Something he says he can't say about the last two. The “commotion” he says stems from a lack of cooperation between specialized boards and committees and the city, a problem which he sees as key to the city, and he wants to fix if he is elected.

Both Markl and Magers say they feel that the race has been fair, clean, and most importantly, it's dealt with the issues instead of the candidates.

The election will take place tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

You can vote at three locations:

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