Grayson County smoking ban? You tell us...

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SHERMAN -- Some Texas lawmakers are working to keep people from smoking within 15-feet of public buildings. The proposal is causing some to consider a similar move at county facilities.

If the 15-foot law applied to county buildings, a person would have to walk across the street before lighting up. Even if it isn't statewide, commissioners want to know you if you'd like it in Grayson County.

On Monday morning the commissioners discussed a bill already passed in the Texas House, banning smoking within 15-feet of public buildings.

Supporters say it would protect non-smokers from the effects of second-hand smoke, while opponents say it unfairly targets smokers.

But Grayson commissioners say if the bill isn't passed statewide, they want to know if residents would want a ban at county buildings instead.

Would you support a ban that would prohibit smoking within 15 feet of a county building?

64 % of you said yes
36 % of you said no

Thanks for voting in our online poll, and we'll keep you posted on the status of the proposed state law.

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