Illegal dumping arrest

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A peaceful piece of property near Antlers, Oklahoma, with tall grass, large green trees, and... raw sewage?

Dennis Williams with Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality described the property: "Through a search warrant we found in my estimation several thousand gallons of raw sewage had been dumped on the property mostly in a ravine on the east side."

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality officials say Clyde Eugene Taylor Junior has been illegally dumping on his land for years.

Monday, they arrested him for the crime. The DEQ says Taylor violated the state pollutant discharge elimination system act, and operated a solid waste disposal site without a permit.

Investigators say they found debris like toilet paper and paper towels near a pond and portable restrooms are lined up on flat beds on the property.

Authorities say this is one of the worst cases of illegal dumping they've ever seen, and it could affect the entire community.

"This is a serious issue because it potentially could impact a stream that runs nearby the property. Once again we're still investigating, but it could be really bad."

The Pushmataha Sheriff, Jim Duncan said, "It could hurt the kids with low immune systems if they get in could get into our water"

Dennis Williams says it's important for the public to be aware of the signs of dumping, to keep incidents like this from happening elsewhere.

"It's a good fertilizer, you'll see a really green area when everything else is brown, tall trees, in the summer you can smell it."

The DEQ says they're cracking down on illegal dumping, which is a felony, and they hope that serious enforcement will help keep waterways clean, and the community safe.

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