Church fire in Caddo

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A Caddo, Oklahoma, congregation is surveying the damage after police say someone set their church on fire over the weekend.

Authorities believe vandals set fire to the 134-year old church in five different places, but members of the Caddo United Methodist Church say they're relying on their faith in god to bring some good from this bad situation.

Police say the fire started just after one on Saturday afternoon. You can see visible smoke damage throughout the building. The worst is in a storage closet in the back hallway.

In another room hymnals were stacked on the floor then ignited, completely torching a table and burning parts of the piano.

The sanctuary suffered the least damage, although marks on the carpet show a fire was lit at the altar. Soot covers most surfaces.

Pastor Lenn Murray says the average age of the 25-member congregation is about 70-years-old, and they don't understand why someone would set their church home on fire.

Church members like Jenna and Andrew Huggins say they say they will get through this with the power of prayer.

"Iā€™d like to build a nice church out on the highway but if not we'll clean this one up. We still have a sanctuary...we'll keep going."

The church held services at the Caddo Community Center Sunday for Mother's Day and had more attendees than in recent weeks.

Pastor Murray hopes to clean the sanctuary and have it ready for worship in about one month.