Children Escape Day Care in Ardmore

5-5-04 - Police stopped two young children from crossing a busy intersection in Ardmore Wednesday, some 30 minutes after the 4 and 5 year old boys walked away from their day care center, which is ¾’s of a mile away.

Police received a call from a concerned citizen who saw the boys approaching Commerce street, near the Broadway intersection. Police questioned the boys and then tracked down one of their parents, who told them the children should be at the Wonder-Learn Day Care. Police determined the children had been missing four 30 minutes, and claim the day care never notified them of the disappearance.

Located near Central Park in downtown Ardmore, the Wonder-Learn center is home to some 45 kids spread over 24 hours a day. Wednesday, around noon, teachers were walking several students from one classroom to another when the two boys escaped, running behind a building. Educators told First News that they immediately began a search for the boys, but did not contact police. They did admit that from now on they would do that.

One of the boys has run away before, according to his mother. A supervisor at the day care said that contributed to how they handled this case.

Police are still investigating the case.