Recount paperwork submitted to GCC

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DENISON -- After one of the closest bond elections in recent history, some Grayson County residents may get a shot at a recount.

College officials received the paperwork, calling for a recount of bond results.

College officials say they received many more than the required 25 signatures, and a group of county residents raised enough money to pay for the recount.

The citizens turned the paperwork into the president's office at Grayson County College Friday afternoon before the five o'clock deadline.

They are requesting the recount after a $44.8 million bond referendum passed narrowly by one vote.

College officials say they tried to call for a recount themselves but couldn't legally do so.

They say they hope this recount will take away any doubt concerning the results of the election.

Grayson County College officials say they are reviewing the paperwork and then plan to submit the request to the company that will conduct the recount.

They say the count should happen next week.

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