Cartwright considering appeal of canceled incorporation

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Last week, a district judge canceled the City of Cartwright’s incorporated status. Now residents are considering appealing that decision.

A short while after electing a new council, the community of Cartwright was told that they were no longer considered an incorporated city.

They say they were shocked by the news, but it won't stop them from trying to get their city back on the right track.

This week, members of the old and new city councils met and reformed the Cartwright community association, a group designed to oversee any community decisions.

Organizers say one of their main goals is to discuss the possibilities of appealing the decision made by the courts, which ruled in favor of the Colbert Boat Club.

The boat club’s lawsuit against the county stated the petition originally signed to incorporate the community did not have enough signatures.

Community leaders say reforming the group will allow them to apply for state grants to fulfill some of their previous goals such as fixing their roads and building a new senior center.

But even the new group won't be as beneficial as reincorporating the city.

Next week, community leaders will meet with several attorneys to see if anything can be done to overturn the decision by the courts and will meet to discuss what the community thinks of reincorporating the town.

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