Marietta man picketing former employer

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MARIETTA, Okla. -- A Love County man is exercising his first amendment right to force his employer to pay up, but that employer says she doesn't owe him a penny.

If you've driven through downtown Marietta, you may have seen Tony Payne picketing in front of an abandoned building.

He says the owner hired him to do construction work, but didn't pull through with a check.

She has a different story.

Chun Castern says she was working in her soon to be wig shop one night when Payne stopped by begging for a job. She said she would consider hiring him if he dropped off a resume and showed her his electrician skills.

He never did that, but she gave him $120 to get him on his feet.

Payne says he fixed her ceiling fans, buffed the floors, and hung lights- but never saw a dime. He took her to small claims court, and the judge sided with him.

Tony Payne says he is, "standing up for my rights, others…. Can't move to small town and rip people off like that."

Business owner Chun Castern says otherwise.

"This man… I thought I was helping him, not bringing me a nightmare you know."

Payne says he'll keep picketing until Castern pays up and has considered putting a lien on her building.

Castern is thinking about hiring a lawyer, but says she'll never trust anyone to work for her again.

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