Conner's crazy crabfest

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It was almost one year ago that Chris McDougall and his sons Adam and Conner were in a horrific accident on Hwy 199. Conner was the only survivor.

Critically injured, doctors didn't know if Conner would live, but he did. Friday night, the community came together to help him with his recovery at Conner's Crazy Crabfest.

More than 1500 people showed up to Buzzard's Too in Pottsboro to listen to band Spur 503, and eat Chef Cathy Zeis' crabcakes... all to support Conner and his mom, Sonya.

"It's very tough but it's things like this that touch my heart and keep me going... seeing that people actually care... that's what helps me get through it," Sonya McDougall said.

Tonight's fundraiser brought in more than 12,000 dollars cash.

And a surprise announcement, Tin Star Construction has volunteered to build a room onto the McDougall house for Conner's therapy equipment.

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