The Black Jack Enduro

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The Cross Bar Ranch will open up to hundreds of youth competitors from all over the United States, for one of the biggest motor bike and ATV competitions around.

This is the second year in a row organizers have picked Cross Bar Ranch, which owned by the city of Davis. This year it's even bigger, bringing in more money for Murray County.

Brad Black is the event organizer and he says Murray County will benefit from the competition. "Restaurants, gas stations, the mom and pop stores, the chain stores; they all benefit from a venue like this."

Surprisingly, this sport is safe. No one has ever been seriously injured.

Black says, "It’s a record were proud of we went to maintain this safe record we have. Everybody has to wear motorcycle helmets. We recommend full gear."

Parker Howell, a Youth Rider says, "If you hit a rock you don’t want to scrape your arm or crack your head open."

The city of Davis is looking to make Cross Bar Ranch a future site for national events.

Black says, "The facilities to have to be attractive to both sponsors and the public. The riders want to have to ride here they have to feel like they are welcomed so it all falls back on the communities and everyone to step up and say we want you here."

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