Denton County manhunt

SWAT officers have joined Denton County Sheriff's deputies and Fort Worth Police in a door-to-door and window-to-window search, trying to find a gunman on the loose.

The search is centering on the Chadwick Farms subdivision in Roanoke.

Friday afternoon the only people being allowed in are those who have photo ID's with addresses that prove they live there. Once inside, residents are being told to lock their doors and stay away from their windows.

Police say the shooter tried to get inside one of the Chadwick Farms homes, but was unsuccessful. The resident there said the man drove away in a tan or silver Chevrolet pickup.

Law enforcement teams are searching for the man who assaulted at least one person and shot another.

Nolan Ragsdale was working at his family-owned business, Best Texas Metal, located on Litsey Road, when he says a white male, wearing all black, came into the shop.

According to Sammye Ragsdale, Nolan's wife, the suspect tied up her 62-year-old husband with zip ties. Nolan reportedly told the suspect he should leave because his son, Robert Courtney Ragsdale, was on his way to the shop.

The elder Ragsdale couldn't have been more right. It was shortly after making that statement that his son arrived at the shop only to be hit in the head with the butt-end of a shotgun.

The suspect then tied the son up with his father and placed tape over both their mouths.

Unfortunately, another family member, Kurt Smith, soon rode up to the shop on a dirt bike and was shot by the gunman. Smith was taken by Care Flight Helicopter to John Peter Smith hospital with a wound to the upper leg and is in good condition.

The gunman fled the scene in one of the Ragsdale's vehicles. All of the family members say they had never seen the gunman before.

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