Former Car Dealer Heading to Prison

5-7-04 - A Grayson County judge sentenced the co-owner of a former Denison car dealership Friday. Glenn Butler will serve two years in prison and be on probation for ten years. He’ll also begin paying $500,000 in restitution to victims of the trade-in scam as soon as he is released from prison.

The sentence followed his guilty plea in March to six felony counts connected to a trade-in fiasco at Competition Chrysler more than two years ago. Prosecutors say Butler accepted trade-ins but did not pay them off – leaving customers with two car payments. The dealership closed abruptly and filed bankruptcy.

Butler’s defense attorney says her client was not a bad person but just a businessman who made poor decisions.

Friday, the judge only sentenced him on five of those felony counts, but warned Butler that if he fails to make restitution or follow the guidelines of his probation, his sentence could be expanded to 99 years.