Rising lake levels lead to more business

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LAKE TEXOMA - Parks and marinas at Lake Texoma were dealing with larger than normal crowds for the weekend before Memorial Day. Park officials at Eisenhower State Park said the rising level of Lake Texoma led to more people at the park over the weekend.

Park Manager Richard Kellogg said the combination of the weather, along with a 620-foot lake level, made a usually quiet weekend very busy.

"Usually, the weekend before is usually a light weekend, just for the fact that people are getting out of school. This one here hit us a little bit by surprise, " he said.

Park officials said they don't expect the busy pace to slow down. Eisenhower State Park has been booked for Memorial Day for two and a half weeks.

"We're doing everything we can to keep our facilities up...(we've) done some mowing on road sides to where we can watch the traffic pattern," Kellogg said.

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