Soldier Court Marshaled for Prisoner Abuse

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

A 24-year-old Army specialist could face a year in prison if he's convicted of abusing prisoners in Iraq.

The military says Jeremy Sivits is the first soldier to face a
court-martial in connection with the mistreatment of prisoners at
Abu Ghraib prison. He will stand trial in Baghdad on May 19th.

Military officials say Sivits could face a year in prison or other punishment such as a reduction in rank or a bad conduct discharge if he's convicted of three charges against him.

Six other soldiers also face criminal charges for alleged abuse
of Iraqi prisoners.

Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt says the conduct of those few shouldn't lead to public indictment of the rest of the U-S troops in Iraq.

Sivits' family declined to comment today. But his father has said before that his son "was just doing what he was told."

Sivits is believed to have taken some of the photos that triggered the worldwide scandal over America's treatment of Iraqi prisoners.