GCC bond wins by 2 votes in recount

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DENISON -- The Grayson County College bond recount results are in, and this time, the bond passes by two votes instead of one.

Last week those opposed to the initial vote signed a petition for the recount to see if election results could be overturned.

Now the debate over the election could hit the courts.

One vote is all that separated the bond from passing or failing back on May 12th.

That sent up red flags from those against the bond about the validity of the election.

The independent company Diebold conducted the recount Tuesday afternoon at the request of citizens who signed a petition and raised money last week contesting the original election.

After recounting all the votes, including five mail-in ballots that were not counted on May 12th, the bond passed with 2,457 votes for and 2,455 votes against.

College officials say they are pleased with the results of the recount and, for now, they will move forward and say they understand why tax payers are uneasy about the close outcome.

Those opposed say the recount does not account for the true number of people that would have voted in the election if proper voting locations were laid out before the election.

A special commissioner’s court meeting is scheduled for 1:30 on Thursday to discuss what comes next in the process.

Those opposed say that if nothing is settled on during that meeting, they will take their fight to the district courts and try to overturn the election.

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