Nichols Defense Explains Evidence

05-12-04 - (McAlester-AP) -- Defense witnesses in Terry Nichols' murder trial say evidence used to tie Nichols to the Oklahoma City bombing could have other explanations.
Marion, Kansas, recycling business owner Sherman Kelsey says
plastic barrels found in Nichols' home could be used to store
water, seed and feed, fertilizer or trash.
Jon Tomkins with a Kansas fuel meter company says Nichols
contacted him about repairing a fuel meter and believed Nichols
wanted to resell the device.
And Todd Miller who worked with bomb-sniffing dog says no
explosives were detected in Nichols pickup truck two days after the
Prosecutors say the plastic barrels are similar to those used to
carry the home-made bomb. Prosecutors also say Nichols wanted to
use the fuel meter to build the bomb.
Nichols is charged with 161 counts of first-degree murder and
prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Defense attorneys say
Nichols was set up to take the blame for the bombing.