Senators - "New Photos are Appalling"

(Capitol Hill-AP) -- Senators who have seen the latest set of pictures showing the abuse of Iraqi prisoners say they are "appalling." They say the pictures include disturbing images of torture and humiliation.

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden says they're "significantly worse" than what he expected. Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye also says the pictures are worse than those that have already been made public. And Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado says he wants to know how those soldiers ever got into the US Army.

Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner says the
pictures should remain private for now. He says that will protect the integrity of legal process -- while diminishing the likelihood the photos would prompt attacks on US troops or civilians in Iraq.

But Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is defending the interrogation techniques used by the military in Iraq. He is rejecting complaints that they violate international rules and may endanger any Americans who are taken prisoner.

Rumsfeld told a Senate committee that Pentagon lawyers had approved methods such as sleep deprivation and dietary changes. He says the lawyers also approved rules allowing prisoners to be made to assume stress positions.