Meth Bust has PD Connection in Ardmore

5-13-04 - A methamphetamine bust in Ardmore has ties to an employee in the police department. The Carter County DA’s task force arrested Clifford Stahlbusch during a traffic stop Tuesday and then found $10,000 worth of crystal meth, also known as Ice, in a shed in the backyard of his Lone Grove home.

But Stahlbusch is the husband of an Ardmore dispatcher, who actually played a role in his arrest. Shelly Stahlbusch received an anonymous call at work six weeks ago from a caller indicating her husband was involved with meth. She took that information directly to task force agents.

Captain Leroy Johnson says, "It shows how professional she is entrusted with the police department. The integrity of the information we get is funneled out through the department and nine times out of ten most of it's done by dispatchers."

Investigators are confident Shelly didn’t have any knowledge of the alleged crime beforehand. As for her husband, he has bonded out of jail.