Ashcroft - Berg Had No Terrorist Ties

(Washington-AP) -- Attorney General John Ashcroft says an
American who was beheaded in Iraq was investigated for a possible
connection with terrorists, but no link was found.

Nicholas Berg was investigated in 2002 after an e-mail address
traced to him was used by an unidentified person believed to know
Zacarias Moussaoui. Ashcroft said Friday there is no evidence Berg knew Moussaoui or any of Moussaoui's contacts in Oklahoma.

Investigators determined the e-mail address used by Berg apparently was obtained by Moussaoui's acquaintances while Berg was a student at the University of Oklahoma in 1999.

Moussaoui is the former Norman resident who's accused of
conspiracy in the September Eleventh attacks. Moussaoui came to the
U-S in February 2001 and enrolled at a flight school in Norman.