50 Years Since School Changed Forever

05-17-04 - (Topeka, Kansas-AP) -- The Kansas school that was at the center of the fight against segregation is now a historical museum. Thousands of people from across the country, including President
Bush and Senator John Kerry, gathered in Topeka to mark today's
anniversary -- which included the transformation of Monroe
Elementary School into a national historic site.
What was once the school auditorium is filled with photos of
civil rights leaders, including Thurgood Marshall and Frederick
Douglass. Nearby is the so-called "Tunnel of Courage," which
shows footage of the hostile crowd 50 years ago as black students
started going to school with whites.
The museum cost more than eleven (m) million dollars to
A 16-year-old high school student who attended today's ceremony
says there are museums for everything else, "now we can have
something about us."