Five Arrested in Meth Lab

5-22-04- Three separate investigations lead Ardmore police to a home with a working meth lab. Saturrday, Drug Task Force agents recovered 4,000 pseudoephedrine tablets in the home on Heath and Anderson Southeast Streets.

The bust started this morning with a routine traffic stop and a crime stoppers tip from a concerned citizen. Police recovered ingredients to make meth as well as the drug itself in three separate investigations around Ardmore Saturday. Those investigations led police to the home where they discovered a working meth lab.

Police say the ingredients recovered in the home were enough to make and sell $11,000 worth of meth on the street.

In all, five people were arrested Saturday, but police are still looking for one woman, Cheryl Lowden, who they believe ran away during one of the searches. All five suspects have been charged with drug possession and attempting to manufacture methamphetamine.
Five of the six suspects were already out on bond for other drug related charges.