Home sweet home

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The Ardmore-based 1245 Transportation Unit is back in the U.S. The group arrived today in Midwest City.

After twelve long months, the men and women of the 1245 Oklahoma Guard are finally back on home soil and are getting ready to enjoy the life they left behind.

Over 100 members of the 1,245 are fresh from Iraq and spending their last few hours with comrades before they are released to see their families again.

Most of these warriors are happy to be home but say that just being back in Oklahoma what they missed the most.

"It’s a great feeling to be back and enjoy the reception that we've got and have more the next few days and weeks. It’s an exciting feeling to be relaxed with the Oklahoma weather and surroundings," said Cpt. Andrew Lidngren of Duncan.

In addition to today's ceremonies, other festivities are scheduled this evening for the soldiers including a parade- complete with miles of flags and people supporting their troops.

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