Car burglaries on the rise

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When it’s warm and the sun is out, everyone wants to enjoy the wonderful weather. But increased foot traffic along with folks keeping their windows down could mean trouble.

"Well what you have is this sitting in the parking lot with windows down."

Detective Randy O’Hanlon with the Ardmore Police Department showed us what he finds every days during the summer months. Cars with their windows more than just cracked. Tempting anyone passing by, to take what they see.

"In years past, it typically shows about a 10% increase during this time of month."
"I cant image anyone wanting to leave their windows down in a parking lot like this, your inviting someone to come and take something from your car."

Most of us are guilty of trying to keep our cars cool when we run errands, but were all human and from time to time we forget what we're leaving behind

"It’s hot! People leave their windows down and forget leave purse or valuables out where someone walking by for an opportunity crime."

Authorities say keeping windows up is one thing, but leaving things out in clear view for snoopers to see is another.

"I had a buddy here like two weeks ago that had a bunch of stuff stolen from him. All because he left his windows down? Not his windows he just left everything wide open where people could get to it."

In the end, it comes down to common sense. Something police officers believe will keep your goodies from winding up in someone else's hands...

O’Hanlon says, “Make sure you got windows up and doors locked. That is the best way to keep people from taking stuff from you. You may try to slide it underneath seat or something, but its best to take it with you if its not there they cant steal it."

Even leaving your items out in the open may cost your more than what Is stolen. Police say thieves end up costing the owner more in damages than in property loss.

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